ROI-driven and creative marketing strategy that gives results

The best marketing strategy consultants understand your product/service, your team strength, your marketing aggression, and tech-savviness to derive the best results. And then create a practical implementation plan that return expected results.

It's all about the approach, and I do all of that!

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Marketing strategy consultation services

End goal of marketing strategy

Demand Generation

Don't just reach out to your prospects, make them realize they need you.

Lead Conversion

Don't just follow up with your leads, encourage them to take the next step.

Client Retention

Don't just retain your customers, make them your brand advocate.

I give you the strategy and get it implemented

After the marketing strategy is created, you need a taskmaster so the activities in the strategy document don't just get lost in a Notion document but actually get implemented in the right way within the right time so you can see the real value of your marketing investment.
And here are 9 reasons why you should sign up for my marketing consultation / CMO-as-a-service / Fractional CMO service.
But you just need one!

marketing funnel that is missing leads, symbolizing a challenge in lead generation. But it can resolved with marketing operations consultation by anoopyersong

Your efforts are not converting into leads?

chaotic and zoomed-in scene to represent disorganized processes and workflows in a workplace. But it can resolved with marketing operations consultation by anoopyersong

Proceses and workflows need to be streamlined?

negative impact of poor data management, showing data leaking in a hazardous manner from a central database or system.But it can resolved with marketing operations consultation by anoopyersong

Marketing data management is all over the place?

team in a professional setting that appears completely lost and confused, indicating they have no idea what they are doing. But it can resolved with marketing operations consultation by anoopyersong

Needs someone to guide and train your team?

Image based on the concept of quality control by professional marketers. But it can resolved with marketing operations consultation by anoopyersong

Daily operations are going right but quality is inconsistent?

Confused which MarTech to use. But it can resolved with marketing operations consultation by anoopyersong

Too many MarTech tools but they do not work in sync?

a scene where a person has hit the pause button, symbolizing a halt in operations or projects due to budgetary constraintsBut it can resolved with marketing operations consultation by anoopyersong

Limited marketing budget is holding you back?

A tree with roots spreading and branches reaching new heights symbolizing scalability due to marketing operations consultation

Struggling to build long-lasting relationship with customers?

image illustrating the disconnect between marketing efforts and financial outcomes.But it can resolved with marketing operations consultation by anoopyersong

There is a disconnect between marketing efforts and ROI?


3 Phases of Marketing Strategy Consultation

Marketing strategy consultation is only relevant if it gets implemented. So, right from the planning stage to implementation and optimization, I stay with you and your team at every point. My end goal is always to make your marketing branch a self-sustainable and scalable business model that pays you dividends. And my strategy can be divided into three major phases - Plan, Implement & Grow!

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Plan your Marketing Operations

I don't stop at just the "bird's-eye view" because anyone can do that very easily. You can get it done with ChatGPT. I make detailed actionable roadmap for you and your team.

- Finalizing Lead gen source
- Campaign management and KRA/ KPIs
- MarTech planning and selection
- Executive dashboard for progress tracking

a scene where a marketing strtategy consultant is working one-on-one with a client or team member to implement a marketing strategy. this is how personalized anoopyersong works

Implement your strategy

I personally assist your team implement each strategy and help them understand their activities. My goal at this point is to make tasks interesting and deliveries consistent.

- Daily coordination with Marketing team
- Team training and mentoring
- Productivity tracking (not time tracking)
- Change management implementation

Grow your revenue & scale up

To scale up the marketing efficiency, checks and balances are put in place. Also, I make sure that our strategy, Martech and MarkOps always stay up-to-date.

- Weekly progress report for leadership
- Periodic audits and retrospective report
- Quarterly review and optimization
- Best-in-industry recommendations

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omni-channel marketing STRATEGY consultation

There is a right marketing strategy for every channel


So, how do we get started?

Approach Document

Based on the above questions, this document focuses on quick fixes, fast wins and things you need to do in the
next 3 months.

ROI-driven roadmap

Based on in-depth analysis of your current data, this document focuses on revenue projection for the
next 12 months

GTM Strategy

60-degree marketing strategy with implementation plan + detailed KRAs, KPIs and OKRs + for the
next 3 months


Periodic reviews, analyses, team trainings, tips, recommendations and management for ongoing marketing operations.


Got any burning questions?

Even though I started my career as a content writer, over the years I have worked with projects ranging from inbound marketing to PPC, ABM, in-app, retention marketing, CXM, digital and traditional marketing. So, I would say content is my forte but I am an expert in all of them! 

Right from eCommerce, Retail, Hospitality, Travel and mobility, PropTech, FinTech, InsurTech, HRTech, AgriTech, RetailTech, HealthTech, RegTech, EdTech. Overall, I have created marketing strategies for 100+ clients to help them achieve their B2B, B2C, C2C, G2C and B2B2C goals.

For initial discussions, I talk to business leaders to understand their vision along with their short and long-term goals. Once we are on the same page, then I coordinate with marketing, sales. product, CX, operations and other team members. So, whether you are a start-up, SME or MNC, I got you!

I have worked with businesses with no dedicated marketing personnel to conglomerates with 1000+ team members. There is an approach to marketing for companies of all sizes. All you need is the right strategy that doesn’t break your bank and most importantly, shows you results that gives you confidence and encourages you to invest in marketing. After all, that is what I am paid for!

I think we already know that there is no ‘magic trick’ to generate revenue (If you have one, please let me know 😅). But there is a PROCESS and an APPROACH that I have implemented and perfected over 10+ years of my professional career and it has generated desired results for 100+ clients.

Well, I think you already know the answer to that. But I can guarantee one thing – in our first meeting, you will have AT LEAST 1 new thing you can share with your team members that they can implement and see results! That way, your ROI of our meeting will be 100% justified. How’s that for a deal?

For all marketing strategy consultation activities, I will be only point of contact. My team at Yersong Digital will only coordinate with your accounts team.

I offer hourly consultation charges. I have tenure-wise pricing. Based on your specific requirements, we can discuss which one would be the best for you. And you can choose from long-term contracts like monthly, quarterly, annual and bi-annual retention plans to even hourly engagement starting at just $50/hour.

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