Marketing consultant creating success stories

Creating a marketing strategy is easy but developing an ROI-driven roadmap that generates revenue is what I do!

Right from MarkOps optimization to robust MarTech integration, there is a plan for everything. Quick marketing wins with ABM + dividend-paying long-term inbound marketing, you can have it all!

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Things I am great at...

Demand Generation

Don't just reach out to your prospects, make them realize they need you.

Lead Conversion

Don't just follow up with your leads, encourage them to take the next step.

Client Retention

Don't just retain your customers, make them your brand advocate.
omni-channel marketing consultation

There's a reason why I call myself a full-stack marketer!

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Questions that the best marketing consultants ask

Questions I will ask you

Before we kick-off, you can expect a few questions from me. Let me tell you why they are important. You know what they say,"Hire a marketing consultant who knows the right questions to ask."

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What is your goal by (XYZ tenure)?
I show EXACTLY how your marketing is your strongest yet hidden power.

My goal is not just RoAS, it's self-sustainable marketing that helps your business grow and more importantly, scale up.

Right from the first 'Approach document' to 'ROI-driven roadmap', 'Go-to-market strategy', everything starts with a bottom-to-top approach. Where we want to go and what does it take to reach there.

Picture of a male marketing consultant cum conductor leading a marketing orchestra

Which marketing channel has given the best returns in (XYZ tenure)?
I fine tune what you are ALREADY good at - your strongest marketing channel.

What makes something 'extraordinary' is that little 'extra'. Now that could be your day-to-day marketing operations or budget allocation, or may be just that first sentence in your blog or email or CTA.

I bring data-driven insights and creative+pragmatic vision to the table so your existing channels give you the maximum output. Once that is optimized, then we move on to other channels.

Picture of a speaker captivating an audience representing a marketing consultant

Which thought leadership activities have you done in (XYZ tenure)?
I show how your brand can become the top-voice in your industry.

Brand awareness is not about posting on social media or running video ads. It's your ability to analyze industry trends, share meaningful insights, and your perspective on the current state and the future.

I help you build new connections and nurture existing relationships by leveraging co-marketing and storytelling at major events, in podcasts and webinars combined with legacy inbound and outbound marketing strategies.

Picture of a marketing consultant cum captain steering a ship towards high conversions through online marketing consultation

What does your day-to-day operations look like?
I increase per-capita productivity of your marketing team.

Your entire team doesn't need to have star players. It needs a winning coordination so your marketing engine sails smoothly.

I do not like micro-management but it's important to analyze how team members approach a specific task. Right tools and seamless coordination help them optimize their individual workflows and automate repetitive tasks.

Picture of a male alchemist cum consultant turning marketing as an ingredient into gold

Which marketing tools do you use?
I ensure that your marketing stays up-to-date ahead of the curve at all time.

"We did nothing wrong, but somehow we lost", were the words of Nokia's CEO.
I stay on top of latest marketing trends and run experiments with new tech all the time.

And for all successful ones, you will become the beneficiary! Be it, to ChatGPT, MidJourney to Adobe Firefly, Claude to Copilot, Sales Navigator to Clay, to now GEO, you get the best-in-industry + tried and tested solutions.

Let's Talk Marketing!

There is never a right time to be BETTER


So, how do we get started?

Approach Document

Based on the above questions, this document focuses on quick fixes, fast wins and things you need to do in the
next 3 months.

ROI-driven roadmap

Based on in-depth analysis of your current data, this document focuses on revenue projection for the
next 12-month

GTM Strategy

360-degree go-to-market strategy with implementation plan +detailed KRAs, KPIs and OKRs for the
next 3 months


Periodic reviews, analyses, team trainings, tips, recommendations and management for ongoing marketing operations.


My clients are my Brand Advocates!

E-E-A-T isn't just Google's algorithm, it's my motto.

Giving my clients the best 'Experience' using my 'Expertise' because of my 'Authoritativeness' with marketing and the 'Trustworthiness' that I earn after giving results!

Marketing Strategy Consultation

Detailed implementation plan for stakeholders to achieve business/revenue goals. Periodic KRAs and KPIs for the entire team + resource planning & management to boost lead gen, improve conversion and reduce churn.

MarkOps Consultation

Improve your processes to increase productivity. Leverage state-of-the-art tools, integrations, and workflows to automate low-priority tasks while your team focuses on things that matter the most.

B2B Marketing Consultation

Refine the art of ABM, co-marketing, strategic partnerships and thought leadership. Upgrade your high-touch enterprise marketing with personalised long-term demand generation and deal nurturing for TOFU, MOFU and BOFU.

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